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Like a person related to emotional midnight listening to music, intoxicated, not for earthly rendering. Like a man walking in the woods road, outside of which, enjoy the nature. Like through status updates, let friends know their latest status, beautiful replica handbags sale like a person to feel written space between record life bit by bit, when the habit, but unable to change.

Sometimes, good hope for an encounter, expect close friends tell each other's voices. I remember so many words, I do not understand my explanation, I do not understand why people explain? A big crowd, Concert hard to find? best fendi replica outlet I know there is a world called occasional encounters, there is a feeling, called Forever, there is a love called dependent life and death. Simple, I also want to have a simple happiness, no flowery language, no luxurious creature comforts, I want happiness is very simple, a greeting, a look, enough ,,,

Like a poem: "If you love, your love, the beginning of life if view, anything sad autumn picture fan?" I remember we had vowed to swear: "Shengsixiangxu life, never betray" Until now remembered or tears, you say you are willing to do kite, let me do the kite line, Designers fendi replica handbags outlet sale for my control, but I do not want such an outcome, love need is trust and understanding, I do not want to use any of the shackles of catching up to you. Perhaps my wayward, get on your nerves, but sometimes also involuntarily ,,, cried, laughed, loved, still life. Greeting the day you smile, you say: "I love you, my husband" For me so happy, sweet, perhaps this is a simple happiness ,,, once you told me, top fendi replica handbags online sale,I was so fragile, If one day, if we're old, sick, and I hope that I go one step further than you earlier, I know I hurt you afraid, afraid I'm sad, afraid I can not bear the pain of Acacia ,,, sometimes not understand, just do not want exposed, yourdifficulties, I always know ,,,

The best time to meet you, is the biggest of my life waiting, waiting for your life, the greatest happiness of my life. I am willing to wait for our love life, if you can re-do it again, I would still choose it to you, for life, provided that: "? If you are willing to accept me now," 2015 News fendi replica for sale outlet If you give love a deadline, I hope it will be a thousand years.

Long time no rain. Yesterday, suddenly began to rain, although the South, but in the winter rather abruptly sudden rain plus the number of people feel a little chill biting wind.

In the evening, the sky outside a vast gray, raining, and the wind has been plundered the earth. AAA+ fendi replica for women sale Sort raindrops fall from the sky constantly under the influence of wind, there is no order, no goal, is always one of indifference.

Who is living and alive, and the meaning of life is not simply a continuation of the length of life of a full stomach. Among numerous earthly life gives people with a lot of responsibility, as a natural obligation for themselves, best fendi replica handbags outlet for sale,for others, for the community, that is. Unnecessary face life, we might do a wonderful life, but we must live full, happy. Since the choice of life, we should try to live out the texture of life.

Life is like a river, sometimes Gaan peach grass waving to you; sometimes thin Pingsha quietly humming; top replica handbags sale sometimes a hindrance to you before the crags and life demonstrations ...... do not sand, will undercurrent the more, to learn to learn to stop, meditation, rounded, with a tolerant heart to accept all life-giving, so life impurities settle down in calm attitude to life, and this is real life.

Everyone can not bargain and time deliberately prolong their lives. However, the width of the length of life but has its unparalleled exciting content. If you learn to every day as the first day of life, so that your life is full of hope, passion; beautiful fendi replica for women outlet,if you learn every day as the last day of life, the sense of urgency so that life will not waste your time.